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The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) is the most representative Employers Organisation in Tanzania. It was formed in 1960 to represent and protect the interest of Employers on Labour and Employment issues.

Formerly known as the Federation of Tanganyika Employers (FTE),  ATE is one of the three tripartite forums that address all industrial relations and labour related issues at sectoral and national levels in Tanzania. Other forums are Government of Tanzania and Trade Unions.The Association represents employers in all sectors of the national economy excluding the civil service. 

ATE is affiliated to several international networks including the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and the Pan African Employers Confederation (PEC). ATE has good working relationships with the Government represented by the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy, Parliament, Labour, Employment, Youth and PWDs, the Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) and other stakeholders.

ATE’s development partners include the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Norwegian Business Enterprise (NHO) and Dutch Employers Cooperation Programme (DECP). Other partners are SWHAP, BEST Dialogue, DECP, DI, GAN and CEFA.

The highest organ within ATE is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) followed by the Management Board. The AGM deliberates and decides on matters referred to it by the Management Board which is responsible for controlling and administering the affairs of ATE. Daily operations are performed by a Secretariat led by an Executive Director appointed by the Management Board. ATE has two Zonal Offices in Arusha and  Mwanza and plans are underway  to open another Zonal office in Dodoma. 

ATE’s vision is “to be the most preferred organization addressing the evolving business needs of employers in Tanzania”. The Association’s mission is  “to represent and advocate for the business interests of employers.”

ATE strives to live up to its motto “Every good employer is a member of the Association of Tanzania Employers” and, through its own initiatives and with support from its development partners has strengthened its capacity to represent and service member companies and continues to improve its competitiveness and human resources. ATE is currently in the third year of implementing Business Plan 2015 – 2017 towards achieving the goals as stipulated in the 10 years Corporate Plan 2015-2025.

ATE’s membership base continues to grow and currently has about 1400 registered direct members and about 6000 indirect members drawn from private business firms, companies and some parastatal organizations whereby the majority of members are based in Dar es Salaam (70%) and the rest are in other parts of the Tanzania mainland (30%).


Membership of ATE is open to all Tanzanian Employers: individuals, partnerships, companies, public corporations, local and other public authorities or associations of employers and is currently classified into 8 divisions namely: Agriculture, Commerce, Industry, Mining, Banking and Finance, Oil Division  and Utility and Services as well as Private Security divisions.

ATE currently offers both free and discounted services to ensure harmonious working environment as shown below:

Free services for members

•        Legal advisory services on labour and employment and HR Management

•        Exclusive personalised consultations through telephone or meetings or emails

•        Eligibility to participate in Employer of the Year Award (EYA)

•        Eligibility to attend Annual General Meetings (AGM)

•        Participating in policy, Advocacy and Research

•        Information on employment and labour issues

•        Access to attend local, regional and international workshops/meetings

•        Calendar of National holidays

Discounted services for members

•        Consultancies on labour and employment issues e.g. Enterprise re-structuring

•        Representation before the Courts of Law and CMA

•        Seminars and Training on labour and employment issues

•        Processing of Work/Residence Permits

•        Development and Review of Human Resources documents e.g. Staff handbooks etc.

•        Chairing of Disciplinary hearings

•        Drafting of Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)

•        Collective bargaining negotiations with Trade Unions/Employees

•        Dispute settlement through negotiations with Trade Unions/Employees

•        Pocket size Toolkits e.g. FAQ, Termination, grievance handling procedure etc

•        Tickets to attend Employer of the Year Award giving ceremony

For new members, subscription fee is charged on quota pro-rata basis. We have an entrance fee of TZS 100,000/= and annual subscription fee will be varying depending on the number of employees that you have as shown below:

1-10  Employees 150,000/= Per annum

11-25 Employees 300,000/= Per annum

26-50 Employees 600,000/= Per annum

51-100 Employees 1,200,000/= Per annum

200-300 Employees 1,700,000/= Per annum etc.

Attached is a Membership Application form that you can download or contact our membership recruitment team for more assistance. Welcome to join and enjoy our free and dicounted services!






Plot No. 692,

Mikocheni B Coca Cola Road.

Tel: +255 22 2780022
Tel: +255 22 2780023

Fax: +255-22-2760665

P.O Box 2971, Dar es Salaam

Email: info@ate.or.tz

Website: www.ate.or.tz


ATE Arusha Zonal Office

AICC, Ngorongoro wing, Room 234

P.O. Box 16521, Arusha

Tel: +255 27 254 5371,

        +255 786 655326

Email: atearusha@ate.or.tz

Website: www.ate.or.tz


2nd Flooor,Rock City Mall (Wing D)

P O BOX 2418, Mwanza Tanzania

Tel: +255 282 9811123,

        +255 688 200255

        +255 687 756230

Email:atemwanza@ate.or.tz Website: www.ate.or.tz



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  • Plot No. 692, Mikocheni B Coca Cola Road,
    Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
  •  Tel: +255 22 2780022
  •  Tel: +255 22 2780023
  •  Email: info@ate.or.tz